About us

ADVANCED ADVICE is strategic development consulting firm established in Lithuania in 2005. We are Boutique type consulting company offering our client innovative and high value added consulting solutions customised to meet their needs.

ADVANCED ADVICE strives to be innovator and quality standard in everything we do. Our company was the first in Lithuania to start consulting in franchising and a key player in establishing the Lithuanian Franchise Center. We were also participating in creation and development of one of the first successful clusters in Lithuania – National cluster of beverage industry.

In 2014-2015 ADVANCED ADVICE was an Affiliate of the global leader in Strategy execution consulting - The Palladium Group. Advanced Advice, strengthened by the Palladium Group, delivered value and sustainable performance to the clients in Baltic markets by bringing strategies to life. Since 2016 our collaboration with The Palladium Group has transformed to project based relationships.

ADVANCED ADVICE is providing consulting services to companies, state authorities and NGOs. We mainly consult clients in Baltics and Belarus.