Our main principles in ADVANCED ADVICE are deep understanding of the client’s needs, clear planning, methodological validity and continuous improvement of our service quality.

Our main aspiration – to be leading in each of the fields we are working in – is clearly reflected in our core differentiators.

In EU fund raising

  • Our experience, gained since 2005, in developing applications, administering and managing granted projects is one of the most supreme in the market.
  • We are equally committed and effective in serving clients of all sizes, types and industries – from ministries and large multinational corporations to standalone investors and SME’s.
  • We’ve gained our client’s long-term trust that is manifested by their decision to choose us to manage their portfolios of granted projects.
  • We are good not only in solving project problems, but, more importantly, in predicting the problems and preventing them.

In Franchising

  • We provide integrated set of franchising consulting services for prospective and established franchisors and franchisees.
  • We are franchising consulting pioneers in Lithuania and the most experienced franchising consultancy in Baltics.
  • We shape and educate franchising market in our countries by writing articles, giving number of lectures, supporting main franchising portal in Baltics and Belarus –
  • We use proprietary franchise system development methodology that were created by adjusting best world’s practices to our local markets.