Today there is a possibility for companies and organizations to receive a support from European Union Structural Funds for implementation of their development goals. In order to get this funding, various documents must be professionally completed because of constantly changing requirements of their preparation or presentation with each new application. Preparation of applications and other related documents requires major contribution of time, specific knowledge accompanied with experience.

ADVANCED ADVICE specializes in preparation of project application proposals and ensures high-quality services for companies and organizations in all application preparation process: from preparation of all required documents to the representation of Client’s interests during the evaluation of the project. Cooperation with ADVANCED ADVICE enables companies to:

  • Save time by avoiding complicated work related to applications preparation
  • Maximize the possibility of obtaining the Structural Funds support
  • Choose the most effective solution for implementing the financial support

ADVANCED ADVICE consultants have accumulated many years of experience in the preparation of EU Structural Funds support applications. They have prepared over 170 projects for support which accumulate to a budget of over a quarter of a billion Litas. Quality of our work and extensive experience allows us to improve application preparation methodology resulting in accurate of eligibility of applications and maximum result for the Client.  

Once the application is prepared and the financial support is received, ADVANCED ADVICE offers professional services in project administration for companies and organizations to coordinate the implementation of the project and effectively utilize the funds for company’s development plans

.To use the EU Structural Funds support effectively, please call:  8 5 210 2164 or e-mail: