Defining the project

European Union Structural Funds provide an opportunity for companies and organizations to receive financial subsidies for the enhancement of their activities. When seeking for this support, goals of the company or organization have to meet the goals of Support Funds. ADVANCED ADVICE helps to define the project concept and consults in matching of the objectives. Creation of the project concept consists of three main aspects: analysis of company’s activities, evaluation of correspondence between company’s and Fund’s objectives and formulation of project guidelines. All this allows companies and organizations to:

  • To decide whether the project is beneficial for company or not
  • Form a project concept that would have the biggest opportunity to get the subsidy
  • Save time and resources by efficiently organizing your project for easier implementation and administration in the future

ADVANCED ADVICE experts have experience in preparing projects for various Lithuanian and international funds according to a wide range of measures. Extensive experience ensures development of project concept that meets all requirements. ADVANCED ADVICE experts can professionally prepare a high-quality project concept which facilitates efficient application arrangement. 

To form a project that is worth financing please call 8 5 210 21 64 or e-mail