When the official approval for support from the European Union Structural Funds is given, the next important stage is project implementation. It consists of numerous processes that need to be understood and properly carried out, in order to get the maximum financial support for your individual project. 

ADVANCED ADVICE helps for companies and organizations by administrating multi-donor-funded projects. They prepare progress reports, payment requests, mediate the communication and interaction process with institutions that grant funds as well as provide consultations for project implementation. This ensures proper completion of documentation in a timely manner, allowing to:

  • Receive and absorb all the financial support for the project
  • Avoid many mistakes during the project implementation process
  • Save time by avoiding technical administration work

ADVANCED ADVICE has administrated and is still administrating more than 100 projects that received EU Structural Funds’ support with a budget of more than a quarter of a billion Litas. Our achievements allow continuous updating of working experience and improvement of methodology in a wide range of measures and projects - from small businesses to large public infrastructure projects. Experience in wide range of projects and constant improvement in our professional services allow ADVANCED ADVICE experts to ensure smooth and efficient provision of services for project administration and management.

If you want to avoid an additional worries in project administration please call  8 5 210 21 64 or e-mail