Buying a franchise. We lead prospective franchisees all the way of buying a franchise – we start with evaluation of the resources and expectations, continue with benchmarking franchises and assist in closing the deal.

ADVANCED ADVICE franchising expert team (Viktorija Michailovska, Ilja Malkin, Severin Zhilinskis) wrote the book „Buying a Franchise: Highway to Business Success“. The book is intended for people who are interested in franchising and are considering the possibility of opening a franchise-based business of their own.The question often arises whether it is worthwhile buying a franchise and paying money to the franchisor when one can establish a company and start a similar business on one‘s own.

In this book readers are provided with information designed to help assess advantages offered by franchising as well as risks related to the model, and give a motivated answer to the above question.

English version of the e-book is free for download here: „Buying a Franchise: Highway to Business Success“.

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