Franchising is a business development model, which creates a base of a successful business concept and rapid development for business owners. This business model requires less investment for expansion compared to traditional business expansion, has relatively high degree of network control and provides a possibility to ensure stable sources of revenue through motivated business partners. A successfully operating business owner, for certain fee, gives to another person the right to use key elements of the existing business model: brands, know-how and business management systems. Franchise development is a sophisticated process requiring professional knowledge and skills that not only ensure the smooth transfer of the business model to the franchisee, but also protect the rights of a business idea for the owner and create conditions for a rapid and profitable growth.

ADVANCED ADVICE provides consultations on franchise development – our experts evaluate whether the business model is suitable for franchising, prepare the franchise concept and the franchise operational manual. These consultations enable companies to:

  • Make a reasoned strategic decision whether to develop into new markets as a franchise
  • Easily and quickly find a prospective franchisees using a well-defined franchise concept
  • Save time and resources through efficient participation in activities of franchise units in your franchise network

ADVANCED ADVICE is the first company in the Baltic States which began providing consultations in various areas of franchising. ADVANCED ADVICE experts, using their experience while working famous franchise brands, collaboration with a global network of foreign franchising partners and proven franchise creation algorithm, can quickly and efficiently create a franchise concept for your business model that would meet long term franchising goals of your company. 

If you seek the rapid development of your business by capitalizing on the world‘s fastest and time proven business development model, please call +370 521 2164 or e-mail